Sunday, 29 May 2011


Morning dear diary, Saturday was rather good had a meeting with the producer of Holby City who told me that I was perfect for the job as chirpy nurse Jamie, however I would have to learn a Geordie accent, which I promised to do by next Tuesday. Decided to go immediately and get out copies of the Likely Lads and Ant & Decs family favourites.

It’s 8pm have sat through all the videos I rented, frankly I just feel depressed, have tried saying “Way Eye tits oot fot lads” but just end up sounding like a Geordie from Surrey.

Have decided to take a break from my vowel murdering and continue my homework for a new project that I’m working on with Trevor Sortage ot Capital radio. Apparently there isn’t enough cultural programming on local independent radio stations. So Trevor came up with this “Top!” idea of making the adverts artistically valid. He came to me first as he said that he loved my work. He’d seen me in a touring production of ‘Allo Allo’ last year and though my sausage seller quite the best part ever. Anyway I’m off to the studio tomorrow to record the first of the ‘Dramaverts’ as we’re calling them so I’ll post the rough of the tape here, I do know how you love my performances.

Off now, however, to have a hot bath and early night. Mickey Hutton Mickey Hutton…

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