Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Ugh its 6:25 am utterly fucked and I love you all, I’ve got this bloke here with me and am not sure what he wants he keeps grabbing my crotch. Keep telling him he’s more chance of raising Atlantis the state I’m in but he won’t listen.

Back in a sec..

Now its 8:00am feeling more sober, told random bloke to fuck off!, he had a right go at me accusing me of being straight and liking breasts I called him a dickless cunt and threw him out. Must get a coffee…

Erm It’s 9:00am and was just about to get into bed when Barney rang to tell me I have another job starting this afternoon. They want me to audition for ‘Holby City’ apparently they’re a gay nurse short of their quota and immediately thought of me. Must go and get my head sorted will update you as to the outcome tomorrow. Ugh! I feel sick.

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